What is Lumen?

lumen naar watt

When we want to figure out what the light output is of a light source, we look at the Lumen value. Lumen indicates the amount of visible light that a light source emits in different directions. The symbol we use for Lumen is lm.

A mistake that is commonly made when we want to know the amount of visible light, is that we turn to the wattage amount for answers. However, wattage stands for the amount of energy use. This misconception was understable due to the fact that back in the day, larger wattage amounts would frequently result in a higher light output. However, with the arrival of innovations like LED lighting, light bulbs use less and less energy to achieve the same light output as their conventional predecessors. Therefore, by focusing on the Lumen value and comparing it to the conventional lighting you would like to replace, you are ensured of the same light output with a far smarter use of energy!

To make the comparison easier, we have constructed a table from which you can find the appropriate wattage for each Lumen value. Furthermore, you will be able to directly see the difference between the energy use of different lighting technologies:

Compare Lumen to Watt *

Type of bulb 200-300
Incandescent 25-30 Watt 40 Watt 60 Watt 75 Watt 120 Watt 150-250 Watt
Halogen 18-25 Watt 35 Watt 50 Watt 65 Watt 100 Watt 125 Watt
CFL 5-6 Watt 8 Watt 11 Watt 15 Watt 20 Watt 20-33 Watt
LED 2-4 Watt 3-5 Watt 5-7 Watt 8-10 Watt 10-13 Watt 13-20 Watt

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How much Lumen do I need?

For now, we have given you a useful table in which you can see how Lumen translates to Watt. Imagine you want to equip your space with lighting; how strong does the light have to be? This is often hard to determine considering the fact that every space is different in size. We can easily solve this problem by consulting the Lux value. 1 Lux stands for the amount of light that reaches one meter of the lightsource. When you multiply this with the amount of square meters in a room, you will find the Lumen value that is perfect for your space! Below, we have prepared a list with various locations and their most common Lux values so that you can easily convert them into Lumen:

  • Home: 200-500 Lux. 
    A home consists of many different living areas. For example, in the kitchen you will need enough light to safely use sharp or hot objects like knives and the furnace. A Lux value of 300 would be the perfect fit. This also applies, for example, to the bathroom where you deal with personal hygiene.
  • Working space: 450-500 Lux.
    In working spaces like the office, you will need plenty of light to improve comfort and productivity. Enough light ensures you will stay awake and that our eyes don’t experience unnecessary strain.
  • Retail: 700-1500 Lux.
    Within retail, the amount of light can differ greatly. However, what all retail environments have in common is that products have to be displayed as attractive and clear as possible. Jewelry stores and shopping windows therefore often need a high amount of light.

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