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What is colour temperature?

colour temperature

When searching for lighting, we consider multiple aspects. For example, we can look at the wattage and how this relates to the light output. The colour of the light that is being emitted can also play a big part in your search. We call this the colour temperature. Colour temperature is indicated by the amount of Kelvin (K). The Kelvin value is situated on a spectrum that goes from “warm” light to “cool” light. With this, the rule goes: the higher the Kelvin value, the cooler (bluer) the colour of the light.

The colour of the light that is being emitted has a great influence on your environment. This can vary from changes in ambiance, but it can also have an effect on persons. Where warm light creates a comfortable and cosy ambiance, cool light can increase productivity and provide clarity. This gives each different colour temperature its own special purpose. Below, you will find the most used colour temperatures and what they are most suitable for:

2700K: Extra warm white

An extra warm white colour temperature creates a cosy atmosphere. This is predominantly used in the home environment, in places like the living room or bedroom. In addition, it can be of good use in the hospitality industry. You achieve a warm atmosphere for the visitors of your establishment that makes them feel at home.

3000K: Warm white

A warm white colour temperature is a great fit for retail. It gives products an attractive look making them more appealing to the customer. There are special warm white colour temperatures that are perfect for use in retail. A colour temperature of 3300K for example is great for lighting food.

4000K: Cool white

A cool white colour temperature increases productivity. The clear light keeps you awake and is therefore a good choice for office environments but also in your house as a desk lamp. Among all the colour temperatures, this is by far the most used one.

6500K: Daylight white

A daylight white colour temperature offers clear light in places where this is absolutely necessary like operation rooms or factory halls. It is of the utmost importance that light in these places gives you as much clarity as you need. By using a 6500K colour temperature, you are ensured that no detail goes unnoticed.

Where can i find lighting in my desired colour temperature?

Hopefully, we have provided you with the information you need to decide which colour temperature can compliment your space. So, are you looking for lighting with a warm white colour to make your house more comfortable, or do you maybe need a lamp with a cool white colour to keep you awake while you’re working? At Budgetlight, we have a wide range of light bulbs in different colour temperatures. To make the search as easy as possible, we have selected and sorted all our light bulbs and spots, conventional and LED, with the most used bases here below. Just click on the perfect colour temperature and achieve the perfect atmosphere!:


Extra warm white

Extra warm white

Warm white

Warm white

Cool white

Cool white

Daylight white

Daylight white