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Description Philips PL-S 4-Pin MASTER

For decades, energy saving light bulbs have been an energy-efficient solution to conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs. With the Philips PL-S MASTER CFL bulb, you can realise an energy saving up to 75%. This efficient CFL bulb with a 4-pin base, lasts an average of 10.000 hours and is available in multiple varieties. For example, the Philips PL-S CFL bulbs are available in multiple colour temperatures, varying from extra warm white (2700K), what provides a comfortable lighting experience, warm white (3000K), ideal for shops and cool white (4000K), what improves productivity and alertness.

Special applications
In this group, some Philips PL-S energy saving bulbs are available with special applications. For example, there are PL-S Blacklight CFL bulbs that emit minimal UV radiation and can thus detect UV-reflecting materials.

4-pin base
The Philips PL-S MASTER CFL bulbs are equipped with a 4-pin base. This can only be used paired with an electronic ballast. Are you interested in purchasing multiple amounts of the Philips PL-S CFL bulb? Get in touch with our customer service for a quotation or free advice!

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