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Description Philips PL-C 2-Pin MASTER

CFL bulbs by Philips are still desirable. Even though more efficient lamps with LED technology have been introduced into the market, the Philips CFL bulb still is up to 75% more efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs but are incredibly affordable. The Philips PL-C Master CFL bulb with a 2-pin base is no exception. With their affordable price, relatively low energy use and a lifespan of 10.000 hours, the Philips PL-C MASTER CFL bulbs are ready for the future!

Light colours & light output
The Philips MASTER CFL bulbs are available with different light colours that each bring another ambiance to your area. This can vary from CFL bulbs with an extra warm white colour temperature (2700-3000K) that give a soft and comfortable light, cool white colour temperatures (4000K) that increase productivity and alertness and a daylight white colour temperature (6500K), that provides optimum clear light to areas where it is necessary.

You can also decide the light output of the Philips MASTER CFL bulbs. With the Philips PL-C MASTER 2-Pin CFL bulbs in this group, the rule is: the higher the wattage, the higher the light output (stated in Lumen). This ranges from 600 lm with a 10W 2-Pin CFL bulb to 1800 lm with a 26W 2-Pin CFL bulb.

Useful information
The Philips PL-C MASTER CFL bulb is equipped with a 2-pin base. This means that the CFL bulbs can be used with an electromagnetic ballast. Are you interested in multiple quantities of the Philips PL-C MASTER 2-Pin CFL bulb? Get in touch with our customer service for a quotation!

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