Philips CorePro LEDtube EM LED Tubes | incl. LED Starter

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Description Philips CorePro LEDtube EM LED Tubes | incl. LED Starter

Want to replace your fluorescent tube? With the Philips CorePro LEDtube EM LED tubes you choose for a longer lifespan, efficient use of energy and eco friendliness. These LED tubes have to use 60% less energy to achieve the same light intensity as the conventional fluorescent tubes. In addition, they last up to 30.000 burning hours and are equipped with energy label A+. The LED tubes in this category replace 60cm, 120cm and 150cm fluorescent tubes. When replacing fluorescent lighting, always look at the length and wattage of the tube. They are connected to each other.

The CorePro EM LED tubes are available in two colour temperatures. You can choose between a cool white colour temperature (4000K), that increases productivity in office environments and a daylight white colour temperature (6500K), that brings clear light where it is necessary in places such as operation rooms.

Electromagnetic (Conventional) ballast with starter
The LED tubes in this group replace conventional fluorescent tubes that use a conventional ballast. You can place the LED tubes in your existing fixtures. When using a conventional ballast, you need a starter to make it work. The CorePro EM LED tubes have therefore a LED starter included.

CorePro Serie
The CorePro line by Philips combines the benefits of LED technology with the decades of expertise of Philips and the power of modern design. LED tubes from the CorePro line are very suitable as general lighting for a variety of places.

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