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The Philips CorePro LEDspot MV GU10 5W is the perfect replacer for the current halogen spots of 50W. By replacing, you will be saving up to 90% on your energy use. The Philips CorePro LED spot will also last you a long time. On an average, conventional halogen spots last for about 2000 hours. The Philips LED spot however will last you for 15.000 hours. In addition, the Philips CorePro LED spot carries energylabel A++ ensuring you that energy is used in an efficient way, what will save you energy costs in the future.

In our assortment, you can choose from a variety of colour temperatures. This can vary from extra warm white (2700K), what is well suited as ambiance lighting for a relaxed setting. There is also warm white (3000K), fitting nicely in spaces with a cosy atmosphere or retail and cool white (4000K), which is the perfect match for spaces where you want to be as productive as possible like the office. Other application areas of the Philips CorePro LEDspot include hotels, bars and restaurants.

The Philips CorePro LEDspot MV GU10 has a beam angle of 36º. The spots can therefore be used as accent lighting to light specific elements like a painting or statue. With the right LED dimmer, the Philips CorePro LEDspot MV GU10 5W is easily dimmable. This way you can decide by yourself how intense the light will shine.


Why switch to LED spots?
LED lighting is much more energy efficient than halogen lighting. Even though the initial purchase of a LED spot maybe more expensive, this money is earned back quickly due to the reduced energy costs and the much lower lifespan of LED lights, compared to halogen spots. Do not therefore hesitate and purchase your new LED lighting today!

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