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Description Philips CoreLine WL130V LED

The Philips CoreLine WL130V LED bulkhead combines efficient LED technology with the expertise of Philips. This Philips Coreline LED wall light is a surface mounted fixture that is frequently used as general lighting for a variety of spaces like hallways and staircases but also as outdoor lighting. By using LED technology, the Philips CoreLine WL130V can realise a high light output with a much lower use of energy. In addition, the average lifespan of 50.000 hours gives you a long enjoyment of the light emitted by the CoreLine LED wall light.

Protected against the elements
The Philips CoreLine WL130V LED Bulkhead is well suited for outdoor use and humid places. This is due to the high IP and IK values. For example, these CoreLine LED fixtures are equipped with an IP value of IP65 what means that they are water and dustproof. In addition, some CoreLine Bulkheads have an IK08 IK value, meaning they are well protected against impact.

Some of the Philips CoreLine WL130V LED bulkheads are equipped with a motion sensor. These only switch on when they detect movement. This way, the LED fixtures have an even smarter and efficient use of energy.

For the Philips CoreLine WL130V LED bulkhead, we offer a warranty of 5 years. Are you interested in a quotation for multiple quantities of the WL130 LED wall fixture or are you in need of further advice? Don’t hesitate to contact us; we love to help!

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