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Osram Parathom Retrofit GU10 PAR16

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Description Osram Parathom Retrofit GU10 PAR16

Switching to LED has never been this easy! Osram Parathom LED spots from the Retrofit line can easily replace conventional lighting. Due to the fact that they have the exact same lamp base, they can be seamlessly placed in nearly all existing fixtures. The Osram Parathom Retrofit GU10 LED spots are energy-efficient replacers of conventional halogen spots. With an energy-use that is up to 91% lower than their conventional counterparts, your monthly energy costs will be reduced by quite a lot. When you combine this with an average lifespan of 15.000 hours, you will as a result receive a bulb where a quick return-on-investment is certainly possible.

Optimal colour rendering & colour temperature
The GU10 LED spots in this group are obtainable in different colour renderings. The quality of the colour rendering is shown with the amount of Ra, where the rule is: the higher the colour rendering, the more natural the colours of an illuminated object are displayed. Most of the spots in this group have a good colour rendering of 80-89 Ra. However, there are also GU10 spots with an excellent colour rendering of 90-99 Ra. These spots emit light that display objects in the most natural way possible.

The Osram LED spots are furthermore available in multiple colour temperatures. These vary from an extra warm white light (2700K) that create warmth and ambiance, warm white light (3000K) that is perfect for retail and cool white (4000K) that can increase productivity in office environments.

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