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Noxion LED Panel Pro 60x60cm UGR<19 | Replaces 4x18W

Description Noxion LED Panel Pro 60x60cm UGR<19 | Replaces 4x18W

The Noxion LED panel Delta Pro is a recessed fixture that can be installed as a replacement for conventional TL fixtures. Due to its design, the Led panel can be perfectly installed in 60x60cm suspended ceilings. In addition to this, the LED panel is ultrathin what makes it possible to install it in a ceiling with a limited installation height. The panel is LED integrated what ensures LED lighting with energylabel A++. It has a long lifespan of 70.000 hours (20 years in an average office environment) with a much lower energy consumption compared to a TL fixture, which leads to an energy saving of no less than 50%!

It is important for employees to be comfortable while working. The Noxion LED panel Delta Pro therefore meets all the European guidelines set to achieve this. One of the goals is to make sure that the reflection of lighting on computer screens doesn’t become a disturbance. That’s why the Noxion LED panel has a low Unified Glare Ratio (UGR>19) what makes it perfect for office spaces, but also spaces like bathrooms. Furthermore, the LED panel light is flickerfree and available in different colors such as warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K) and daylight (6500K).

High standard driver
Due to the close collaboration with A-brands like Philips and Osram, the Noxion LED panels Delta Pro are equipped with a Philips or Osram Driver. The high quality of these drivers makes a powerfactor of >0.95 possible. This means that it uses almost no energy, so that you save energy with the drivers.

Warranty and service at Budgetlight
At Budgetlight, we offer 5 years of warranty on the Noxion LED panel Delta Pro. For any questions regarding the Noxion LED panel Delta Pro, we will of course be happy to be of service. That’s why you can contact us easily through mail or the phone.

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