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Noxion LED Downlight Slim

Description Noxion LED Downlight Slim

The Noxion LED Downlight Slim is very suitable as an energy efficient and stylish replacement of conventional recessed fixtures. This LED Downlight replaces conventional recessed fixtures of 2x18W and 2x26W and only needs to use 12W (ø160mm) or 20W (ø210mm) to achieve the same light output. This is an average energy saving of 67%, a difference you will surely notice in your wallet! In addition, the Noxion Slim LED Downlights are applicable in many different areas, like schools and offices but also staircases. With a height of 26mm, the Noxion LED Downlight Slim is perfect for installation in ceilings with narrow installation heights.

Chameleon amongst the Downlights
The LED Downlights by Noxion are available in many different variations. The Noxion Slim LED downlight has a beam angle of 120D, which means that these LED Downlights provide a very wide light. This gives you much freedom in how and where you can place the Noxion LED Downlights Slim! The Slim downlights also come in two different color temperatures: warm white (3000K) for a warm ambiance in places like shops and cool white (4000K) for a boost in productivity in office environments.

What does the Noxion LED Downlight Slim further offer?

  • A lifespan of 50.000 burning hours
  • A warranty of 5 years
  • Energy label A++

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