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Ledvance LED Tube 60cm | 6500K 7.5W - Performance UO

Specifications Ledvance LED Tube 60cm | 6500K 7.5W - Performance UO

Description Ledvance LED Tube 60cm | 6500K 7.5W - Performance UO

The Ledvance LED Tube 60cm | 6500K 7.5W - Performance UO belongs to one of the most energy-efficient replacers of the conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. The LED tube is produced by Ledvance, which ensures you of quality! With a wattage of only 7.5W, this Ledvance tube can achieve the same light intensity as the conventional fluorescent T8 tube that needs to use 18W to achieve the same. You will certainly notice this difference in your energy costs.

Advantages of LED
The reduced wattage use is only one of the advantages of LED lighting. The Ledvance LED fluorescent tube is also very eco-friendly. Where the conventional fluorescent tubes use toxic gases like mercury to make the tube function, this is not the case with the Ledvance LED tube. Recycling this LED tube at the end of its lifetime is therefore very easy. However, you don’t have to worry about this for a long time due to the Ledvance LED tube lasting an average of 50000 hours.

Good to know
This Ledvance T8 tube comes with a G13 base. In addition, it has a diameter of 28mm and a length of 60cm. Are you planning on ordering multiple Ledvance LED tubes? When ordering, 10 are packed in one box. When replacing fluorescent tubes with a conventional ballast, always see if you have the appropriate starter for your LED tube.

What does the Ledvance Performance T8 LED tube further offer?

  • A color rendering of 80-89 Ra
  • A lifetime of 50000 burning hours
  • A light color of 6500K - Daylight
  • An all-in warranty of 5 Years