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Ledvance LED Panel 30x120cm DALI | Replaces 2x36W

Description Ledvance LED Panel 30x120cm DALI | Replaces 2x36W

Ledvance produces LED lighting that offers quality for different audiences, from big companies to the individual. This quality also extends itself to the LED panels by Ledvance. The Ledvance LED panel DALI 30x120cm offers a high light intensity and is a direct replacement for fixtures with fluorescent lights that use 2x36W. As the name suggests, the LED panels in this group are suitable for system ceilings of 30x120cm. Due to the fact that the Ledvance LED panels use an average of 33W and 40W, you can already achieve an energy saving of at least 45% when replacing conventional fixtures!

DALI Dimmable
DALI is an internationally known and used light management system with which high energy savings can be realized due to the intelligent management of your lighting. For example, you can connect Ledvance LED panels to the same DALI system, enabling their communication with each other. The dimming of the Ledvance LED panels in a DALI system can go from 0 to 100%, giving you complete freedom in deciding the light intensity in your environment.

Design and application areas
The Ledvance 30x120cm LED panel is equipped with a slim aluminum housing and has a matte white frame. This provides the Ledvance LED panel with an elegant finish and a seamless integration with your system ceiling. The Ledvance LED panels are well suited as general lighting for corridors, offices, conference rooms, reception areas and foyers.

Variety in the Ledvance LED panels
The LED panels by Ledvance in this group are different. You can for example choose between multiple colour temperatures, like a warm white light colour (3000K), what is suitable for shops and a cool white light colour (4000K), that can increase productivity in an office environment. In addition, you also have the choice between different unified glare ratios (UGR). This stands for the extent to which lighting causes light hindrance in a room from a specific position. There is the choice between LED panels with UGR < 22, what is suitable for general rooms and a LED panel with UGR < 19, what is fit for the office.

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