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Ledvance LED Downlight

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Description Ledvance LED Downlight

Ledvance LED downlights are stylish recessed fixtures that provide your space with general lighting of high quality. Due to the small design of the Ledvance LED downlights, it is easily installable in system ceilings with narrow installation heights. On top of that, this Ledvance LED downlight has an external driver for even more flexibility. It therefore has a functional design with a stylish finish that seamlessly integrates in your space.

As the name suggests, the Ledvance LED downlight is equipped with LED technology. With a low energy use (25W) you save more than half of your energy compared to conventional lighting that uses a far higher wattage (2x26W) to achieve the same light intensity. Furthermore, LED lighting lasts a long time. The Ledvance LED downlights in this group have an average lifespan of 30.000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacement costs in the future. Even though the initial purchase of a LED downlight is relatively more expensive than conventional lighting, this will be earned back quickly due to all the benefits of LED!

What does the LEDvance LED downlight further offer?

  • A beam angle of 100°, fit for general lighting of public spaces, foyers, corridors and shops
  • The Ledvance LED downlight provides a nice homogeneous light
  • A high light output
  • Budgetlight offers a warranty of 3 years for the Ledvance LED downlight

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