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Make the festive season even merrier with LED Christmas Lighting from Budgetlight!

Christmas is coming ever closer and here at Budgetlight, we're already getting into the Christmas spirit! Our range of LED Christmas lights adds an extra dose of Christmas cheer to any space and, of course, they're durable and highly-efficient too. In fact, with savings of up to 50% in energy costs, why not treat yourself to a Christmas present this year?

We've got LED Christmas lighting clusters by Luca Lighting that contain so many LEDs, they'll not only impress Santa but his Christmas elves and reindeer too! There are lights for indoor as well as outdoor use and our range of products also includes extra-warm LED bulbs that'll give any room a cosy feeling. Our Osram Parathom Classic Color LED bulbs, on the other hand, are an easy way to add some stunning colour to a room.

Make your Christmas and New Year more festive than ever by buying your LED Christmas lights at Budgetlight!

    • 1512 LEDs
    • 2500K - Extra warm white light
    • 8 different modes

    • 768 LEDs
    • 2300K - Extra warm white light
    • Energy label A

    • 1000 LEDs
    • 2500K - Extra warm white light
    • Also suitable for outdoors

    • 800 LEDs
    • 2300K - Extra warm white light
    • Includes controller and timer

LED Christmas Lighting

These days, LED lighting is everywhere. More and more homes and companies are discovering the advantages of LED lighting and one of the biggest ones is the saving in energy costs. Choose one of Luca Lighting's LED Christmas Lighting clusters, for instance, and you'll benefit from excellent energy-efficiency no matter whether you choose the version that's just over 5 metres long, the one that measures 20 metres or one in between. With 8 different modes and lots of LEDs close to each other, these cluster lights will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them, not just Santa and his helpers!

The LED Christmas lighting we sell has been carefully selected for its durability and because it's splashproof, it can be used outdoors too. The distance between the transformer and the LEDs is 3 metres so you should have no problem finding a suitable socket. These Christmas lights also work with a timer and controller so you can set them to come on automatically. That way, you can simply sit back and enjoy the festive feeling and cosy atmosphere they create when they light up.

You'll be pleased to know that our LED Christmas lighting is environmentally-friendly too.

Extra warm LED bulbs

Unsurprisingly, warm white light is particularly popular during the cold, dark winter months. Lighting plays a big part in the general ambience of any space. Perhaps you've simply walked past a certain bar or restaurant, for instance, just because you found the lighting too cold or too bright? When it comes to lighting, it's the colour temperature that goes a long way to determining the atmosphere and overall feeling of an environment. Bulbs with a colour temperature of between 2000 and 2700 Kelvin emit an extra-warm white light. If you're interested in learning more, check out our blog about colour temperature.

At Budgetlight, we have a large selection of classic and pear-shaped LED bulbs that emit an extra-warm white light. Most have an E27 (Edison screw) or E14 (small Edison screw) cap/base, but we've got bulbs with the common B22 (bayonet) cap/base too and spotlights that have GU10 pins. You'll find extra-warm white light bulbs with several other cap/base types as well and there are also plenty of other shapes on offer.

Don't forget that buying a dimmable LED bulb gives you even more control over your surroundings. The fact that LED lighting is much greener than older lighting technologies should give you an extra-warm feeling inside too!

Osram Parathom Classic Color LED bulbs

Add an extra touch of colour to the festive season with one (or more) of Osram's Parathom Classic Color LED bulbs. They come in green, blue, red, orange and yellow. If you can't decide which colour to choose, why not buy different ones and mix and match them to make things even more interesting?

These LED bulbs have an E27 (Edison screw) cap/base and they're extremely energy efficient as their A+ energy label shows. Replace your incandescent bulbs with these and you'll enjoy savings in energy costs of up to 85% right away!

In addition to having excellent energy-efficiency, the Osram Parathom Classic Color LED bulbs have a lifespan of 15,000 hours. And that means you'll be able to use them on festive occasions for years to come!